About Us

I was simply looking for some natural headache remedies when I stumbled down the Essential Oil rabbit hole. I obsessively began researching the benefits of essential and natural oils, butters, and other natural ingredients. I began by ordering a few of the most common oils, and began experimenting with some basic recipes. I kept adding to my repertoire of knowledge, ingredients, and products. 

My first favorite was my French Lavender Hand Lotion, followed quickly by my Shea Body Butter in Sweet Grapefruit. I couldn't wait to share my new found passion and began by giving some of my new Concoctions to family and friends.  The reaction was surprising and I quickly received requests to replace their new favorite Bath and Body addictions. And here we are...

I knew I was onto something when my husband told me he loved my new products. He is rather honest and can be particularly picky. He was initially skeptical of my newest obsession, but has since become my biggest fan. He encouraged me to be able to bring them to you.

I have an inclination towards all things creative, but I am also a researcher, a baker, and very detailed. Combine those skills and my passion begins to come through in my personal products. 

Everything on this site is made by hand from high quality and mostly natural ingredients. The only exception are a few of my fragrance oils, because sometimes we just want something yummy and different.  Since everything is made fresh from natural ingredients, they will not last indefinitely on your shelfs, so love them and use them.  

I've been told that some of the products look and smell good enough to eat! The answer, you might not want to, but you could because most of the products are 100% natural. And anything that's good enough to eat, is good enough to slather on my skin, and yours.